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Safer Cleaner Energy For All

Transition2Zero is an energy transition strategy

and project development consultancy firm.  



The company has been co-founded to advise the London based sustainable energy, infrastructure, climate, net zero investment and NGO community. The strength of Transition2Zero (T20) lies in our rapid response strategies aimed to assist the whole spectrum of energy choices; from ever cleaner hydrocarbons for the short-term to renewables, storage and hydro in the medium term to New Nuclear for the longer term.


Our philosophy is that only with a renewed flexibility of approach can the European economies be restored and flourish.


Our style of independent minded consultancy draws on decades of combined experience critically analysing the European and US climate focused and conventional energy markets unafraid to break ranks with today's group-thinkers. By prioritising speaking truth to policy makers and investors, our main goal is to arrive at the most well-informed, realistic and responsible solutions currently receiving minimal if no mainstream attention.


By drawing on carefully selected companies, individual investors, family offices and experts within our T20 Trusted Network™ we aim to publish and advise the best and most thoughtful ways to turn this global price and shortages crisis into an opportunity for growth and responsible re-industrialisation at home and abroad.

Given the acute energy security of supply and cost-of-living crisis in Europe and across the world, leaving entire economies extremely vulnerable, as Co-Founders we unapologetically seek to correct where governments have failed to adequately plan for emergencies or their future energy portfolio against the backdrop of the two often conflicting UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's); mitigating climate change (SDG 13 - Climate Action), while also alleviating fuel poverty (SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy).


With the goal to match China's long-term 5 Year Plans, T20's Roadmaps for Stability seek to act as Policy Primers to correct the fundamental economic mistakes currently being made by energy and climate policy across Europe and in the UK, including their taxonomies and incentive schemes. The failure of these decades long policies is due to the failure to provide secure, cheaper and cleaner energy in any of the European countries, with the exception of Sweden and to a lesser extent Finland. Within the G7, France has led a cleaner energy example more than the others. 


As far as the UK is concerned, if we continue on our current trajectory it is our belief, we do not just risk falling out of the G7 but our de-industrial decline will be such that we will soon fail to meet the standards of a first world nation.


Where public and private investments (PPP/PFI) across transportation, fuel, infrastructure, industrial heat, power generation, systems in addition to the agricultural sectors are currently providing the ratepayer with unsustainably expensive and carbon-intensive options, (SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production), our T20 Trusted Network™ exists to expand diversification and efficiency of the underlying energy source of supply. For example, centralisation for base-load power for projects and power plants should not be at the expense of community based energy ingenuity and self-selected solutions.


Freedom of choice including off-grid and on-grid suitability with differing scale adaptation should all be in the mix. 


Douglas Rainsford Tompkins and his wife Kristine Tompkins, former CEO of Patagonia Inc, walk through their Patagonia National Park in the Palena province of Chile, just one of the National Parks created by their co-founded Tompkins Conservation part of their historic 6.2 Million acre conservation and eco-tourism endowment. 

"Commit and then figure the rest out"  — Douglas Rainsford Tompkins



While T20's realism may be borne out of an increasing alarm over this "energy blindness" and the subsequent failure to deliver affordable energy, as our core team all started life as environmentalists and conservationists, it comes as second nature for our policy and consultancy work to seek the highest environmental and clean energy standards. (SDG 6 - Clean Water (and Air) and Sanitation/SDG 15 - Life on Land/SDG 14 - Life Below Water).


With the aim to redefine ESG into a range of standards that more accurately addresses

the goal of "Sustainable Development", as traditionally understood, T20 is also setting up a sister Not For Profit Foundation in Switzerland, Transition2Conservation (T2C), with the goal of offsetting any use of fossil fuels across transportation, infrastructure or energy and power generation from large to island scale. By accurately measuring, with use of satellites and Big Data, industrialised nations air pollution, including carbon emissions as well as full Life-Cycle carbon footprints derived from the production of conventional renewables such as wind turbines, batteries and solar panels throughout the supply chain around the world. T20 will also address in detail the importation of carbon into European countries from developing ones, including the merits of initiatives such as the Carbon Adjustment Mechanism, which can also help to boost the competitiveness of more localised supply chain providers. 


To assist in compensating the planet and local communities for the necessary short-medium term continuation of fossil fuels (applicable to large Nuclear power plants as well), to ensure economic growth and stability as the most immediate low cost energy option for our current security of supply crisis, T20 will work with energy clients to curate complementary conservation projects remote from, adjacent to or closely affected by each T20 energy company geography. (SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities). The objective being to steward meaningful eco-energy balanced legacies both for the energy companies and their affected local inhabitants.

Our Safer Cleaner Planet Series:


Podcast interviews with T20's Trusted Network of Energy Transition & Sustainable Development Experts & Pioneers showcasing private and public sector entrepreneurs, academics, engineers, technicians and innovators, financiers, lawyers, accountants and financial modellers, mathematicians, scientists, biologists, agriculturalists, sociologists, statisticians and philanthropists, all consciously dedicated to furthering best-in-class and sovereign based high climate, clean energy, environmental, sustainable and ethical standards of practice.



An additional feature of T20 and T2C is the "Safer Planet Series." This is a recorded pod-cast style video archive made up of a 'Library of Environmental, New Energy, Transportation, Fuel & Infrastructure Experts, Entrepreneurs, Clean, Agri-Tech (including Low Tech) and Waste-To-Energy Innovators, Conservation and Climate Conscious Philanthropists, New-Model Business Pioneers and Governmental and Non-Governmental Best Performers and Sustainability Stewards.


Interviews mainly focus on state and non-state actors engaged in managing the costs and implementation of the energy transition including sustainable life cycle standards and identifying the world's most promising new energy companies and projects from our T20's Trusted Network.




A core mission of T20 is to restore and secure energy sovereignty and independence for each nation state, while also furthering the principles of natural resources sovereignty for emerging markets. We believe these are the key drivers for any country's pathway to economic prosperity and an equitable society and more broadly to achieve global peace.

(SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth).


It is our shared belief that both principles if adopted with diplomacy and mutual respect for foreign investors and host nations alike, can dramatically reduce the cause of the endless energy ("O&G") wars with its tragic loss of hundreds of thousand of lives and waste of billions of dollars.






To get on track to achieve this golden sustainable energy era from today through to 2030 to 2050, our T20 Trusted Network draws on a diverse range of world renown project finance, climate and energy regulators, lawyers, engineers, academics, scientists, sociologists, statisticians to fund managers and financial modellers. Whether it is working on a T20 '5 Year Road Roadmap To Stability' or bespoke consultancy project for a specific company client or working in collaboration to drive one of our own New Energy Projects, at T20 we believe the key to real progress and responsible stewardship lies in mutually valued collaboration as a constantly evolving community.


To help select the very best projects, technology providers and management teams, T20 clients are given controlled access to T20's Trusted Network and T20's Recommendation Reports. Our target is to save investors and project sponsors valuable time by shortening the discovery and initial assessment processes, by anticipating and troubleshooting delays (e.g. complex and expensive regulation and planning) and filtering out the hype from the hopeful.


We offer a streamlined Due Diligence process which quickly identifies which energy source is appropriate at which stage and at what scale and likely cost.


The T20 offering seeks to restore balance, realism, market and consumer readiness with a clear timeline to achieve Climate Action (SDG 13), by continuing to drive the full range of renewables (wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, biomass, biofuels) and as recognised by The European Commission in '2022 Taxonomy' now significantly including natural gas, nuclear and hydrogen).

Our strategy approach also seeks to carefully plan technology, project and geographic appropriateness, along side consistent quality/cost ratio analysis in addition to national security considerations 2030-2040, 2040-2050.

Unfortunately the state of our economy means we must now retain cheaper hydrocarbons in the short term 2022-2-25/2030, including coal, oil and (shale) gas, in order to plug the security gap and compensate for the past decade of climate energy policy mismanagement. The consequence of which has led to current energy & infrastructure shortfalls, in large part due to an imbalance of the subsidy regimes and incentives favouring the 100% Renewables Club over critical energy security of supply infrastructure investment. 


Carefully planned technology project and geographically appropriateness along side constant quality/cost ratio analysis in addition to national security considerations 2030-2040, 2040-2050.




Finally at T20 we share a dedication to SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), by encouraging robust investment in all forms of new energy innovation, including zero carbon New Nuclear technologies. We believe once rolled out commercially this holds the key to unlocking new skills and jobs domestically, while also fulfilling the UN's dual goals of Sustainable Energy For All and the UNFCC's 'Ultimate Objective' of staying within 2C.


At Transition2Zero, under the UNFCC and NDC framework umbrella, we believe our main role is to educate, inform and drive confidence with existing and innovation technologies to assist in the implementation and execution of New Energy projects.


This includes restoring cost/quality ratio principles and balance back into the current energy, infrastructure and storage mix.


Such balance should help to steady policy-makers in this counter-productive cycle of extreme pendulum swings from the developed 'eco-centric" (Extinction Rebellion/Climate Action) de-industrialisation lobby across to the domain of the emerging markets fuel-hungry lobby, every two decades or so under COP. With each swing and reactionary movement, the great progress made either for environmental protection or to bring cheaper electricity and fuel to developing economies becomes undone.


T20 Trusted Network For Responsible Stewardship and Sustainable Development has been founded to provide each nation at this critical juncture of decline to turn our collective energy crisis into an opportunity for restored balance and renewed prosperity. This balanced approach will also enable the world of nations to get back on track to fulfil Norway's Gro Harlem Brundtland's principle goal in Our Common Future, that "states shall conserve and use the environment and natural resources for the benefit of present and future generations".


After decades of trial and error, we owe it to ourselves and our children to now get this right.

“It is not necessarily true that strong leaders drive the world to a safer place. Strong leaders may also produce visions that unsettle the world. To achieve what you’re talking about, you need strong leaders that recognise the same problem. They don’t have to come up with the same solutions. Then the issue is, what is a strong leader? A strong leader has got to be somebody who recognises a vision and implements it. Even when the facts do not, at first, make it obvious. 


That is how Menlo Park was created, that is what happens here in The Valley. That quality is harder to come by now partly because of the technology that you have created.” 


—Dr Henry Kissinger 

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