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"There is no greater happiness than contentment"


Having attained her LLB (Law) from St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, Laetitia completed the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) at Inns of Court School of Law and was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in October 2009. As a non-practicing barrister, she holds an LLM in International Commercial Law with specialization in International Energy Litigation (Commendation) from City Law School. While obtaining credits from UWLA Law School for the California Bar Exam, in 2015 she was awarded The Witkin Award in Constitutional Law. 

In the context of the UNFCC’s carbon emissions reduction targets and guarding against fuel poverty with a specific focus on transitional energy strategies, Laetitia is now promoting New Nuclear with conventional renewables (coined by Professor Joshua Goldstein as "nuables"), as probably the best answer to solve climate change in line with the Agenda 2030 and 2050 timelines.  


Laetitia's academic legal and regulatory papers include:

Clearing the Pathway to a Pure Electric Vehicle Paradigm

Climate Regime Change - Europe's climate change crisis, addiction to coal and a road to recovery

From caution and complexity to greater commonality, clarity and competition: the arrival of Green Public Procurement Reform

The Play for Shale Gas - problems, process and progress in the UK

International Energy Litigation – Sustainable Energy For All

While completing the Legal Practice Course, Laetitia's current academic focus to accelerate New Nuclear adoption is twofold; i) a T20 Recommendation Report on how best performing countries are adapting their regulatory regimes to new technologies and their significant safety advances and ii) a T20 Recommendation Report on unlocking the financing challenges of developing SMR and AMR’s, including an analysis of the financial models, institutional and sustainable/climate finance capabilities and need for radical subsidy reform. 


Having worked at The Council on Foreign Relations in New York in the 1990’s, Laetitia has also worked for the M&A Practice of Wilmerhale LLP (London), the Air Quality and Climate Change Practice at Katten, Muchin and Rosenman LLP (San Francisco) and assisted a partner with business development for the last three years at leading US international energy & infrastructure law firm Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP.


Laetitia is an Advisory Board Member of leading European environmental litigation charity ClientEarth and a “Climate Leader” with Al Gore’ Climate Reality Project.

Laetitia regularly co-hosts climate & energy, ecology & nature and social impact focused events in London (see the Private Events Gallery page).


These include;

A UNEP history book launch with conservationist Stanley Johnson, the 2012 London Olympics Muhammad Ali Foundation's Dinner for several hundred high-profile and sport celebrity guests at the Victoria & Albert Museum, a Tree Media documentary screening; "We The People" about the realities of the architecture of the American energy system of governance. A private "Friends of Conservacion Patagonia" dinner for the (now late) Doug Tompkins to celebrate the launch of Laetitia's documentary illuminating his deep ecology philosophy, life and work entitled "Journey to The Future Patagonia National Park".

Dinner Tompkins 14June2012.jpg
Two "Friends of Conservacion Patagonia" private events hosted for Conservation giants, Doug & Kris Tompkins.  A special memorial private drinks in Cheyne Walk in 2019 and a private dinner for (now late) Doug Tompkins in 2012, alongside some of Europe's most generous Eco-Philanthropists, to celebrate the launch of Laetitia's documentary illuminating his deep ecology philosophy, life and call to conservation from adventure brand building, entitled "Journey to The Future Patagonia National Park".
A Tree Media documentary screening for Producer Leila Conners; "We The People" about the realities of the architecture of the American energy system of governance in 2016.
The 2012 London Olympics Muhammad Ali Foundation's Dinner with Muhammad Ali and Introduced by Sir David Frost and auctioned by Sotheby's Chairman Lord Harry Dalmeny alongside several hundred high-profile and sport celebrity guests at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
A UNEP history book launch and drinks with conservationist Stanley Johnson in Mayfair in 2006.

The latest event T20's founder co-hosted was a private screening with legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone at The Bulgari Hotel in London for Stone's brave new documentary "Nuclear", which explores the industry's history, its popular misconceptions over safety and the huge potential of New Nuclear innovations such as Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Microreactors. The screening was held alongside a pre drinks & Q&A and joined by Professor Joshua Goldstein and Staffan Qvist who co-wrote the book upon which the documentary is based; A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and The Rest Can Follow.

Aside from Laetitia's energy, climate mitigation and environmental protection work, Laetitia has been a freelance writer for 30 years for a range of publications including Harpers Bazaar, Frank, W, The Sunday Times, Above Magazine (Editor-At-Large) and Spear’s Wealth Management Magazine.

Her first documentary film was made for the iconic eco-philanthropists Northface and Patagonia adventurer-brand-builders-turned-mega-conservationists, Doug and Kristine Tompkins The short documentary includes a very rare first hand personal interview Doug Tompkins gave at home in South America that traversed his whole life story. It was shot in two of the major National Parks the Tompkins co-created in Patagonia which amounted to 62,5 million acres acquired to provide inspirational eco tourism, land restoration, rewilding for endangered wildlife and rare biodiversity.


When Doug passed away in 2015, Kristine asked Laetitia to show her documentary (filmed by wildlife cinematographer Madeleine Farley) about her late husband at his memorial held at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco to a large audience of lifelong environment, clean energy, climate and conservation dedicated guests. This short documentary has gone on to inspire three major documentaries including an upcoming biopic. Laetitia donated her film to Tompkins Conservation.


All this rich media content was originally featured on Laetitia's first eco-and sustainability focused platform

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