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Richard Royden studied Corporate Finance and Investment Management at the London Business School and has had a career in securities trading and investment banking specialising in merger arbitrage, value investing and latterly structuring and raising bespoke debt and equity capital for corporates in the UK, USA and Asia. His experience has predominantly been with HSBC, UBS, and JP Morgan, and he now runs a family-owned merchant bank based in London. He has recently been active in the industrial agriculture, insect protein, and the renewable energy sectors.

He is a keen supporter of country pursuits, and until recently had been for over ten years chairman of the UK North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF). NASF, was founded in 1996 to support the environmental conservation work of the late Icelandic businessman and conservationist, Orri Vigfusson. NASF focuses on brokering and funding commercial conservation agreements aimed at preserving the endangered wild salmon, while simultaneously compensating fishermen and transitioning them to more sustainable fisheries. NASF has two primary programs through which it carries out its marine conservation efforts : (1) the Aquaculture Program fights open net pen salmon farming, a dirty and environmentally devastating form of aquaculture, and (2) the Orri Fund, which supports environmental conservation deals in the North Atlantic, that includes the buyout of indiscriminate interceptory coastal netting stations. 
Richard is married with four children and splits his time between London, Gloucestershire and his agricultural interests in Sussex.

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