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T20 Recommendation Reports

Active Recommendation Reports for 2023:


Accelerating and trouble-shooting predictable delays for New Nuclear adoption:


A T20 Recommendation Report (industry interviewees will also feature on Safer Cleaner Planet Series pre-recorded podcasts) on how the UK and other countries struggling with energy security can most efficiently learn from international information exchange and the best performing countries (e.g. Sweden, France, Canada, Korea, UAE) in order to prepare in advance to adequately adapt their regulatory regimes to new technologies with their significant safety advances.


A T20 Recommendation report on unlocking the financing challenges of developing SMR and AMR’s, including an analysis of new industrial and systems based project finance models alongside the CFD and RAB in existence. The report will also seek to understand the appetite from institutional and sustainable, climate, net zero, energy focused funds; their reservations and their capabilities and the need for urgent subsidy reform and political consistency to attract the necessary investment.

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