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Introducing Transition2Zero Ltd

In October 2022 Laetitia founded Transition2Zero Ltd (UK) to ensure the energy transition towards Net Zero gives equal attention to energy security-of-supply, cost to the ratepayer and the climate crisis. We believe this trilemma should not be beyond the expertise of the public or private sector to solve. Building resilience and stable cost-effective clean baseload power is not only technologically achievable but also critical for driving the engines of economic growth. Aiming for energy independence can also avoid individual nation states needing to engage in endless foreign conflicts over natural resources which has characterised the last century.

With her own climate and energy background, last year Laetitia decided to join forces with The Renewable Energy Foundation’s founder, John Constable; one of the UK’s most astute energy mix statisticians and thought-leaders on the current failures of US and European energy and climate policies and their taxonomies,


With this combined experience and insight, Transition2Zero brings to its consultancy and project development services something many fail to offer; honest foresight capable of looking beyond the mainstream narratives and trends. Having tracked a range of technologies over the last two decades, their access to the world's most cutting edge innovation companies and best-in-class stewards from big industry players to small community curated energy projects and cybersecurity providers is second to none. While diverse in their expression, there is one common theme they share; making a concerted effort to rebuild nation state as well as locally vulnerable critical energy infrastructure capability and resilience. As a proactive growing community, our shared goal is not just to weather our current energy crisis, but to actually achieve Sustainable Energy For All for generations to come.   

Transition2Zero’s objective is to more thoughtfully manage the global energy transition. Not by exchanging energy security for climate solutions, but rather by supporting ever cleaner innovation across the entire energy spectrum of technology and engineering choices.


With an emphasis on the rationale of flexibility and freedom of choice, our consultancy approach favours hard nosed real-time analysis of all cost, quality, entropy and political risk ratios over ideology. 

Working within the UNFCC's 2030-2050 framework timeline, T2O's Recommendation Reports are therefore grounded in thinking about which energy mix, technologies and projects are realistically market ready at any particular juncture. In other words, we help to close the gap between what is practical and theoretically possible.  This includes hydrocarbons for short to medium term security of supply. While the environment and planetary boundaries are always a clear priority, at T2O we also factor into the equation the increasing social cost of carbon.

Our immediate goal is to inform and turn things around for all stakeholders caught within the trilemma. First, by raising awareness of how the world's energy shortages and spiralling costs are a direct consequence of certain failures of our collective climate and energy government policies and incentive regimes. These commonly unknown failures, in turn, have led to foolhardy investment trends driving the West towards a wall of deindustrialisation and economic decline. Drawing on best performers and those independent enough to break out of uninformed group-think, the second goal is to provide both the private and the public sector (via our regulated partners) with the recommended concrete steps to steward our reform.

Drawing on best performers and those independent enough to break out of uninformed group-think, the our second goal is to provide both those in the private and the public sector (via our regulated partners) open to new ways of seeing and looking for answers to complex questions, with concrete recommended concrete steps to kickstart stewarding this ambitious reform. 

At it's core, T20 has been founded to restore balance to energy strategy.

To conclude, the existing EU and US conventional renewables subsidy regimes are currently counter-productive as they continue to distort the market making superior zero emission innovation technologies and industries, such as New Nuclear, uncompetitive.


Drawing on the world's best-in-class experts using T20's Trusted Network™ providing decades of experience in the energy and infrastructure industry, we have our eye on supporting and proposing the policy reforms to accelerate renewed investment where it is most needed. These include, bold and attractive new financing and business models to attract foreign investment and to shake up stagnation in the markets but crucially without compromising on homeland security. A final goal for T20's team is to be able to anticipate and troubleshoot, as far as possible, inevitable delays and cost-overuns in execution and implementation. We intend to deliver this by working in appropriate collaboration with key players across the private and public sector with the use of our Recommendation Reports for accelerating regulatory adaptation to game-changing technologies gaining popular momentum and demonstration projects that already safely exist but are held down by excessive red tape; namely, Small Modular Reactors (SMR's), Advanced Modular Reactors (AMR's) and Microreactors — all within a diverse energy mix.


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